release details / images of

412 adidas shelltoes!

Preparing Photos

Download the photoshop image template here.

There is an overlay layer with the border and website tag which needs to be kept as the top layer. So just add you image on top of the example photo and resize, position etc….it would be good to get photos as consistent as possible, if you want me to photoshop images then you can email them to me and I'll post on your behalf.

Save the File 'For Web' if you have that option on your photoshop, aiming for a file size of under 100k. If possible please name the file art-no.jpg, eg. 133630.jpg.

Posting Guide

1. Login here or using the link in the footer of the site.

2. Click the Write A Post Link or Write on the menu bar.

3. Enter Title – in format Model Additonal Description#Art. No, Manufacturing Date eg

  • Superstar 35th Anniversary Underworld#133630, 01/05
  • Superstar II Nubuck Green / White#467495, 11/05

I think that's a good format?

4. Title can then be copied and pasted into the body of the post, the title and description of the Upload box, and also the title and description of the All in One SEO box ath the bottom of the page.

5. Click on browse in the Upload box and find your photo, click Upload.

6. Check the options Show – Full Size and Link To – None, and click send to editor. The photo should now be in the post, you may need to move it to the top above the shoe details.

7. Tick the relevant Categories (top right of page), I'm not sure if you have permission to add new categories – if not give me a shout if there's something missing…these will build as more shoes are added.

7. Finally if you could add some comma seperated Keywords in the All in One SEO box that would be helpful. eg Adidas, Superstar, 35th Anniversary, Underworld, Tomato, 133630

8. Click Publish. Done!

I can edit posts and add things so dont worry if you dont have time to add everything.

Nice one!